Distributed Feedback Laser

The distributed feedback laser is different from the Bragg Grating, which belongs to the side emitting semiconductor laser. At present, DFB lasers are mainly semiconducting materials, including GaSb, GaAs (GaAs), indium phosphide (InP), zinc sulfide (ZnS), etc. The largest feature of DFB laser is a very good monochromatic (i.e. spectral purity). Its line width can be generally within 1MHz and has a very high side mode rejection ratio (SMSR), and can be up to 40-50dB at present.

Central wavelength:760nm 764nm 777nm 780nm 795nm 828nm 850nm 852nm 895nm 935nm 972.4nm 976nm 980nm 986nm 1018nm 1028nm 1030nm 1036nm 1053nm 1055nm 1060nm 1064nm 1066nm 1068nm 1083nm 1091nm 1120nm 1125nm 1178nm 1193nm 1200nm 1210nm 1240nm 1260nm 1266nm 1270nm 1278nm 1286nm 1293nm 1297nm 1300nm 1302nm 1308nm 1310nm 1312nm 1315nm 1319nm 1339nm 1341nm 1343nm 1350nm 1358nm 1360nm 1368nm 1381nm 1388nm 1390nm 1392nm 1395nm 1397nm 1398nm 1400nm 1410nm 1414nm 1418nm 1430nm 1432nm 1434nm 1437.8nm 1445nm 1450nm 1455nm 1460nm 1469nm 1480nm 1485.5nm 1487.6nm 1490nm 1500nm 1510nm 1511nm 1512nm 1520nm 1521nm 1527nm 1530nm 1532.5nm 1532nm 1535nm 1536nm 1539nm 1540nm 1542nm 1545nm 1550nm 1552nm 1553nm 1554nm 1557.4nm 1558nm 1560nm 1564nm 1565nm 1567nm 1570nm 1572nm 1574nm 1576nm 1578nm 1580nm 1590nm 1593nm 1599nm 1600.8nm 1600.5nm 1602nm 1603nm 1605nm 1610nm 1612.5nm 1614.2nm 1620nm 1625nm 1627nm 1630nm 1640nm 1645nm 1647nm 1650nm 1651nm 1653.7nm 1655nm 1680nm 1683nm 1685nm 1688nm 1692nm 1700nm 1734nm 1742nm 1762nm 1814nm 1850nm 1854.1nm 1892nm 1901nm 1908nm 1910nm 1920nm 1940nm 1945nm 1947nm 1950nm 1960nm 1962nm 1972nm 1980nm 1984nm 2000nm 2004nm 2040nm 2050nm 2060nm 2108nm 2122nm 2327nm 2330nm 2332nm 3240nm 3291nm 3390nm
Output power:2mW 5mW 6mW 7mW 10mW 15mW 20mW 25mW 30mW 40mW 50mW 60mW 70mW 80mW 100mW 150mW 180mW


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