Distributed Bragg Reflector Laser

LD-PD' Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) lasers are narrow-linewidth, single-frequency (single-longitudinal-mode) laser diodes that have a monolithically integrated Bragg mirror outside of the active region. These lasers produce higher output powers than DFB lasers and achieve 10 MHz typical linewidths with excellent side mode suppression ratio (50 dB typical). The output wavelengths of these lasers are current- and temperature-tunable over approximately ±0.1 nm and ±0.7 nm, respectively. These DBR lasers are housed in a compact 14-pin type 1 butterfly package, enabling compatibility with any standard 14-pin laser diode mount (such as Item #'s LM14S2 or PL-LDM500-A). The butterfly package includes an integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC), thermistor, monitor photodiode, and a single mode or polarization-maintaining output fiber with an FC/APC connector. DBR lasers are extremely sensitive to back reflections, which necessitates the use of the angled FC/APC connector. For additional protection from back reflections, we currently offer the 1550 nm DBR lasers with internal optical isolators.

Central wavelength:1530nm 1550nm 1560nm 1570nm 1580nm
Output power:30mW 50mW
Spectral Width:3 MHz

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