Fabry-perot Laser

Central wavelength:405nm 450nm 488nm 520nm 633nm 655nm 785nm 795nm 808nm 830nm 840nm 850nm 905nm 910nm 915nm 940nm 974nm 976nm 1030nm 1050nm 1064nm 1075nm 1130nm 1240nm 1270nm 1310nm 1335nm 1420nm 1425nm 1435nm 1445nm 1450nm 1455nm 1460nm 1465nm 1475nm 1480nm 1490nm 1530nm 1550nm 1650nm 1750nm
Output power:3mW 10mW 20mW 30mW 40mW 50mW 70mW 80mW 100mW 150mW 200mW 300mW 400mW 500mW 600mW 800mW 1000mW 150000mW
Spectral Width:0.3 nm 0.5 nm 0.8 nm 0.08nm 1.5 nm 2-3 nm 3 nm 3.5 nm 4 nm 6 nm 8 nm

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