Ultra-small Piezoelectric PZT Driver Module     

The M2691 is a very small and lightweight piezoelectric voltage driver. Can output up to +150 V. Applications include PZT voltage drives (PZT lasers, PZT modulators), MEMS voltage drives (MEMS lasers, MEMS filters), and piezoelectric motor control systems. Protection against short circuit, current overload and over temperature.

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Ultra-small piezoelectric PZT driver module   [PDF]  [RFQ]

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● Small size (mm): 75Wx20Hx50D

● Low noise:<1mv (rms)




The output voltage


Output current



Output resistance



30 times (fixed) within ±1%

Frequency characteristics

1khz or above (no load, -3db point)


±0.5% or less


Noise less than 1mvrms (under 1μF load)※1

Temperature drift


Input voltage


Signal input

Non-inverting input (relative output)

Input resistance


Input and output connector

8-pin wiring uses wire: AWG28-16,



The input and output grounds are at the same potential and are insulated   from the enclosure. Can export input and output with the chassis.

Supply voltage

DC +11-+14V

Usage environment

Environment with temperature and humidity of 0~+40℃ and below 85%RH:   indoors with pressure close to 1 atmosphere, no corrosive gases.

Consumption at rated output

About 250mA (power supply: DC+12v)

Consumption at no load

About 150mA (power supply: DC+12v)

Instantaneous current

About 4A 100μsec. (Power supply: DC+12v rated output)




About 70g


Short rod (connect to terminal block 7-8)

AC adapter (sold separately)

Type: AD-K120P100 (I/P: 100-240V50/60Hz 0.35AO/P: DC12V1A,) ※ This   product is exclusive and cannot be used with other products.

Note: When measuring,terminal 7-8 are connected to the short pole.


Unit (mm)


Operating instructions:

1. Regarding the power supply voltage of the Mini voltage driver, it is DC: 11~14V.

The green LED lights up when powered.

[DC12V +] •

[DC12V-] •

・・+Connect voltage

・-Connect OV

★In the case of the dedicated AC adapter (AD-K120P100), the red wire at the end of the cable is + voltage.

2. About input signal

It can handle the voltage range of 0~+5V, and the GND terminal side is a ground-level single-ended input.

The signal input is an input voltage of +5V, and the output voltage is +150V.

3. About output current

The output current is limited to approximately 5mA according to the current limiter.

In addition, if the temperature of the device rises in an overload state, the thermal SW of approximately 60°C will block the operation output.

(Thermal SW will automatically recover when the temperature drops)

4. About insulation

The shell FG (8-pin) of this device and the input and output GND (2, 4, 6, 7 pins) are separated and insulated and not connected.

When connecting the box to GND, please connect the included short strip between terminals 7-8.

(When shipped, the short rod is attached.)


● PZT voltage driver (PZT laser, PZT modulator)

● MEMS voltage drive (MEMS laser, MEMS filter)

● PZT motor micro-nano control

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