3m All-fiber Coupling Gas Absorption Cell     

Long-path gas absorption cell is applied to a variety of spectral analysis and detection. Herriot Gas Cell with excellent chemical stability is mainly adopted, which is mainly composed of air chamber cavity, concave mirror, optical package structure assisted by high stability, standard optical fiber joint, power gas exploration inlet and outlet, shockproof base, etc. The unique suspension circuit design has excellent vibration and temperature stability, and can work in various complex environments, which is very suitable for gas line real-time detection. With ultra-low system noise, it can be applied to trace gas analysis. COx gas absorption cell is applied to spectral analysis and detection of CO and CO2 gas.

Product model

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760nm 3m low cost all-fiber gas absorption cell   [PDF]  [RFQ]

Stock NO.: H80060035
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Near-infrared 3m low-cost all-fiber gas absorption cell   [PDF]  [RFQ]

Stock NO.: H80060041
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Mid-infrared 3m low-cost all-fiber gas absorption cell   [PDF]  [RFQ]

Stock NO.: H80060040
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● Optical fiber signal input and optical signal output 

● The air chamber structure is stable and anti-vibration, and the external extrusion is insensitive to the change of ambient temperature

● Passive control

● The air chamber is small in size, compact in structure and convenient to carry

● Effective optical path and low noise

Physical/Optical Characteristics

Parameters of Absorption Cell


Technical Specification

Effective Optical Path


Wavelength Coverage




Enter the Maximum Optical Power


Optical Fiber Type

Ultra-strong bent insensitive fiber from YOFC

Output Type

Ultra-strong bent insensitive fiber from YOFC


Dielectric film

Voltage Withstand Range


Gas Interface

Φ 6 through

Gas Volume

About 10mL

Overall Dimensions

Figure 1

Total Weight

About 450g

Shell Material


Working Temperature

-20 ~ +70

Storage Temperature

-40 ~ +85

Bandwidth Test and ystem Loss Test


Test Chart



● Monitoring of air pollutants

● Monitoring of coal-fired flue gas emission

● Monitoring of waste incineration emission 

● Monitoring of pollutants in chemical parks

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