Semiconductor Optical Amplifier

The principle of the conductor optical amplifier is similar to that of the rare earth doped fiber amplifier, but there are some differences. The amplification characteristics of the conductor optical amplifier mainly depend on the characteristics of the active layer and the laser cavity. Although it is also a particle number inversion amplification luminescence, the medium of luminescence is non-equilibrium carriers, i.e. electron hole pairs, rather than rare elements. The luminescence of semiconductor can be divided into photoluminescence, electroluminescence and cathodoluminescence according to different excitation modes.

Central wavelength:670nm 790nm 840nm 910nm 1060nm 1310nm 1550nm 1600nm 1650nm
Operation Wavelength:1530 - 1565nm
Output power:3.162mW/5dBm 10mW 10mW/10dBm 15.849mW/12dBm 20mW/13dBm 25mW/14dBm 32mW/15dBm 100mW/20dBm 200mW/23dBm
SOA Gain:﹥40dB ﹥35dB ﹥20dB 13dB ﹥18dB ﹥24dB ﹥5dB ﹥20.5dB ﹥15dB

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