10 mm x 10 mm Ge Photodiode

Response wavelngth 800~1800nm, Material Ge, Active area 10mmx10mm

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Germanium photodiodes are commonly used to measure optical power in the NIR range, especially in cost-sensitive applications or where a large-area detector is needed. However, germanium detectors have a lower shunt resistance and higher dark current than similarly-sized InGaAs detectors, resulting in higher noise levels overall. Therefore, germanium detectors are well suited for applications where the signal being detected is much higher than the noise floor. GPD Optoelectronics offers an"HS" series of germanium photodiodes which have higher-than-typical shunt resistance for improved performance.


Sensor Material


Wavelength Range

800 - 1800 nm

Peak Wavelength

1550 nm (Typ.)


0.95 A/W (Typ.)

Active Area

100 mm2 (10 mm x 10 mm)

Rise/Fall Time (RL = 50 Ohms, 1 V)

10 µs (Typ.)

NEP (1550 nm)c

4.0 x 10-12  W/Hz1/2 (Typ.)

Dark Current (0.3 V)

50 µA (Max)


80 nF (Typ.) @ 1 V
  135 nF (Typ.) @ 0 V

Shunt Resistance

2000  Ohm (Typ.)



Max Ratings

Max Bias (Reverse) Voltage

1 V

Reverse Current

10 mA

Operating Temperature

-40 to 85 °C

Storage Temperature

-40 to 125 °C

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all measurements are performed at 25 °C ambient temperature.

Responsivity Specified at the Peak Wavelength

NEP is Specified for the Photovoltaic Mode

Responsivity Spectrum


Dark Current


This is a sample curve of the dark current. Actual performance will vary from photodiode to photodiode. Do not exceed the 1 V maximum reverse bias voltage.



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